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May 11 2012


Real Estate SEO: Is It Worth ReallyInvesting?

Today, one of the most effective ways of promoting real estate communities is through real estate SEO. Availing this kind of service from internet marketing firms could provide good benefits for you and your business. It’s one of the best ways business owner should consider for them to target potential clients and hit better target sales over time. Shelter is one of man’s primary necessities, and that’s a fact; but an individual doesn’t go searching for a house daily if he/she still owns one. Due to the latter, real estate businesses find it difficult to look for investors on a daily basis. With this, agents find the need to double up their efforts with regard to advertising the properties that they need to sell; an effective SEO for real estate could definitely do that.

                 Since people do search for things through the internet, you must then aim to have high ranking results on search engines, specifically the 3 major ones: Google, Yahoo and Bing. Sites that have high organic ranking on these search engines could definitely impact your online visibility to online visitors. This is proved to be one of the most effective marketing tools available today. Before hiring a firm however, you must be very careful not to fall for scams and other rubbish that you would find over the internet. Make sure that the ones you hire are those that have good online reputation and have good reviews from previous clients they have worked for.







Starting An Online Business

There are so many ideas that can be turned into a business. I can have 10 ideas per minute but do nothing in an hour. I have a friend who has had a dozen of wonderful business ideas but guess what; he is not into business right now. That is because his ideas were not turned into action. Anyone can think about selling imported clothes or conducting SEO analysis or shipping orders to customers abroad but not everyone can turn those ideas into reality. You must focus on what you have and what you can do right now to get something working. You should not wait for something brilliant to grow on its own. It is not good to procrastinate. You are just wasting time and money.

You have to take action even if it's a simple call or meeting with a potential supplier. This is what sets apart entrepreneurs from the regular guys. Remember that having an online business does not just mean selling goods and services that’s why it is also important to avail a free SEO analysis, take advantage of it because it will help your business expand. You are selling a service, a process. You sell the entire experience regardless of what you are selling. What give value to a business are the selling process and not only the products and services that are being advertised to the public. If people are copying you it means that you are good. If your product or website is being cloned, that means you are worthy to be copied. Of course there are hassles when it comes to legalities but getting copied is a sure sign of success.



Free Stuff

Not everything today is free but there are still many that offer free services. When I started my online business, I was able to get a free SEO quote from a friend who owns an SEO company. I got lucky during that time because a friend of mine, who is also a web designer, offered his free services to me, that’s why this SEO quote is something I really appreciate that could contribute to the growth of my business. Last night, my girlfriend and I were celebrating her birthday; we got a free birthday cake from her favorite restaurant. It's a seafood restaurant and they were so kind and gracious to us that they even sang a birthday song for her. Amanda got embarrassed a bit but I am sure that she also enjoyed the attention.

Through my online business, I applied this concept that people love free stuff. As I write this, I am having a contest that will last until May 18 which will give away goodies for cat and dog owners. I did not realize that it would be this fun to check out the entries that the contestants write about my business. They are required to blog about my site and do other things like 'like' a particular site and 'tweet' about the contest. Everyday, the numbers of participants are getting higher. When the contest ends, two winners will receive goodies from me and I will ship it to them for free. I plan to hold another contest next month just to say thank you to my loyal customers. My customers are the best because they are very respectful and friendly and we all share the same passion for animals.



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