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Free Stuff

Not everything today is free but there are still many that offer free services. When I started my online business, I was able to get a free SEO quote from a friend who owns an SEO company. I got lucky during that time because a friend of mine, who is also a web designer, offered his free services to me, that’s why this SEO quote is something I really appreciate that could contribute to the growth of my business. Last night, my girlfriend and I were celebrating her birthday; we got a free birthday cake from her favorite restaurant. It's a seafood restaurant and they were so kind and gracious to us that they even sang a birthday song for her. Amanda got embarrassed a bit but I am sure that she also enjoyed the attention.

Through my online business, I applied this concept that people love free stuff. As I write this, I am having a contest that will last until May 18 which will give away goodies for cat and dog owners. I did not realize that it would be this fun to check out the entries that the contestants write about my business. They are required to blog about my site and do other things like 'like' a particular site and 'tweet' about the contest. Everyday, the numbers of participants are getting higher. When the contest ends, two winners will receive goodies from me and I will ship it to them for free. I plan to hold another contest next month just to say thank you to my loyal customers. My customers are the best because they are very respectful and friendly and we all share the same passion for animals.



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